In the early 1900’s there was a school chapel built in Indian Bay. Some years later an
elementary school was built, which was furnished with church essentials in the
eastern end of the building and used for church services.
The first church building was constructed in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. the men of
the community cut logs and put in volunteer labor to complete construction.
Calvin Brown made some of the furnishings that was used in the church.
The first service was held at St. Mary the Virgin Church on April 14th 1963,
Rev Frank Cluett officiating, it was Easter Sunday morning at 11:00 A.M., Holy
Eucharist. The subject for the sermon “seek these things above”, there were 46
communicants in that very first service.
The first Baptism was a baby girl on August 4th 1963. The first Confirmation
was September 25th 1963, 3 boys and 12 girls. Bishop Robert L.
Seaborn; Rev Frank Cluett; Rev R. Kearly and Rev. E. House were all in
attendance. The new Cemetery was also consecrated that same day by Bishop
The first funeral was December 27th 1963, Paula Bernadette Cook, infant
daughter of John and Eunice Cook, buried by Peter Parsons, Lay Reader.
The first wedding ceremony held was that of Ronald Augustine Dooley and Shirley Loretta
Parsons, October 25th 1965.
This church was consecrated on April 1st 1973 by Bishop R.L. Seaborn with Rev.
Edward Marsh and Rev. Charles W. Hiscock in attendance.
On August 18th 1991 Bishop Edward Marsh visited this church and commissioned Mrs.
Neta Pearl Jones as Lay Reader. A service of Thanksgiving for Ministry of Mr.
George Ackerman was held on June 14th 1994 by Rev Linda Osmond and
Bishop Edward Marsh. On August 14th 1994 St. Mary’s Church held the
Indian Bay 1st Parish picnic under the supervision of Rev Linda
Osmond, collections were donated to the R Wanda Fund. Feb 3rd 1996
Rev Russell Osmond held a special service for the Society of United Fisherman
Lodge (SUF), there were many lodge members in attendance. On April 14th
1996 Rev Russell once again held a special service in honor of the Masonic
Lodge members (Masons) from Gander, with Mason members present.
On March 8th 2015 we had a devastating fire which destroyed the church and all its contents.
Church services were then held at the Indian Bay Town Hall until the present
church was opened.
On May 15th 2016 a Ground Breaking Ceremony was held by Rev David Coffin and Bishop David
Torraville for the construction of the present St Mary the Virgin Church. This
church was built by Mr. Odd Job Inc. and crew, with Perry Cook the Owner and
Manager of the company. The new church opened on March 5th 2017.
The first Baptism was on May 7th 2017, there were six (6) babies 2 boys and 4
girls. The first wedding was June 17th 2017, Edwin David Hunt and
Julie Nicole Pickett.
The first funeral was that of Walter George Pickett at age 72, on May 8th
Consecration of the new church took place on November 14th 2021 by Bishop John
Watton with Rev Daphne  Parsons
The first Confirmation was held on June 11th 2023 with Bishop John Watton and
Rev Daphne Parsons, there were 7 confirmands receiving the Laying on of Hands.
Much of the furnishings were made by Paul Oldford and paid for by different families and
given in loving memory of dear departed ones.
May the souls of the departed rest in peace. Thank you, Jesus, for your many blessings
on St. Mary the Virgin Churches.