The construction of the 4th and present St. Barnabas Church began in the spring of 1963. Some materials came from the old St. Barnabas Church from Fair Island, were used in this church. Material from an old warehouse from the Dept. of Transport in Gander was also used. The building of this church was under the leadership of Rev. Frank Cluett. 
Mr. Lewis Wells and Mr. Edgar Boland undertook the building of this church and assistance was given by the building committee and the parishioners.  The laying of the foundation stone was done by Bishop John Meaden on May 23rd 1964. The dedication of St Barnabas Church was done by Bishop John Meaden on May 24th 1964. The Church was opened for service to the honor and glory of the Almighty God. 
Rev. Frank Cluett performed the first marriage, before the church was officially opened; of Janet Cutler and Lloyd Moulton on Feb 7th 1964. The first marriage after the church was officially opened was Elizabeth March and Samuel Gibbons on Sept 18th 1964. 
His first Baptism was Elizabeth Marlene Hunt on June 7th 1964. His first burial was Daniel cutler on Sept 2nd 1964. The first confirmation was by Bishop R.L. Seaborn on Oct 31st 1965 with 13 boys, 11 girls and 1 man.
The consecration of St. Barnabas Church Centerville was done by the Right Rev. R L Seaborn, Lord Bishop of Newfoundland on Dec 3rd 1967 with Rector Rev. Charlie Hiscock. 
 Formation of the new Parish of Indian Bay from the Greenspond Parish was in 1965.