Bishop John Watton Image Bishop - John Watton

Often described as a quiet, humble and reserved man, Bishop John is deeply intentional about pastoral care, and at the same time, passionate about loving accountability. His style of leadership is to blend life experiences with knowledge, understanding and his love of God.
He was called to ministry at age 25 and now, more than 30 years later, is the spiritual leader of the Anglican Diocese of Central Newfoundland.
 Bishop John grew up in various parts of the country, and has a diverse life experience . He is a former Mechanic, and calls Glenwood Newfoundland home, where he now lives with his wife, Karen. Bishop John loves motorcycles, painting, and has a passion for guitar. he is also an intentional lifelong learner and teacher.
In times of great change in the Church, our Bishop is leading the diocese to consider the balance needed between sustainability and missional thinking. He challenges our people to re evaluate our buildings, finances and spiritual inventories to see if we are truly serving the Mission of God.
Our Bishop has a deep love for Holy Scripture, and desires for our people to actually take time to be immersed not only in the text, but in the meaning for the time in which it was written, and the eternal truths intended for us today.
He also challenges all people to be faithful to scripture through devoted study of text, culture and context. “Scripture,” says the Bishop, “should always be allowed to speak for itself, unencumbered by our boundaries, impositions and prejudices.

Rev. Daphne Parsons Image Rev. - Daphne Parsons


Rev. Daphne Parsons was born and raised on Silver Fox
Island. Her family resettled to Dover in 1961. There she attended High School
and went on to Memorial University where she received a Bachelor of Education
She spent 30 years as a Primary School Teacher and
retired from teaching in 1995. After retiring from teaching, she became more
and more involved in the life of her church community and in the Central
Diocese of NL, serving on many committees.
After 5 years of retired life, she finally responded
to God’s call to become an ordained priest in the church of God. She attended
Queen’s College for 3 years where she studied and trained and received a
Masters of Divinity(Honors) Degree.
She was ordained as a deacon at St. Martin’s Cathedral
in Gander on April 23, 2003 and later was ordained as a Priest at St. Peter’s
Church in Twillingate. She was the first female to be ordained at St. Peter’s
and the first female priest to serve in the Parish of Twillingate.
She spent 5 years in the Parish of Twillingate, and 6
years in the Parish of St. Mary’s in Clarenville. She retired from St. Mary’s
in 2014. In 2017, the rector of the Parish of Indian Bay,  Rev. David Coffin, became ill and she started
volunteering in his absence. After his prolonged illness, and his decision to
retire, she became the Priest in Charge, and later the rector.
Rev. Daphne is married to Carl and they have 2 grown
children; Craig and Carla. Craig works in business and is married to Sherry who
is a nurse. Carla is a teacher in St. John’s. They have 2 grown grandsons,
Daniel and Devon.